I Can Weight Loss Challenge

This 12-week weight loss challenge is hosted through Iron Works twice a year, once in the Spring and once in the Fall. Click the button below to join mailing list for our next program!

The Spring 2021 I Can Challenge has been postponed. 

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The Fall 2021 I Can Program is tentatively set to start in August 2021. Registration for this special program is currently set at $99. We are looking for 13 or more people committed to participate in order to host the challenge. Please click the button below to be added to our commitment list, or contact becky@ironworkshealthclub.com for more information. 

Start Date:


New Participant Orientation and First Weigh-In @ 8:30am, this will also be hosted on Facebook Live to allow for social distancing measures. 


Private Group Workouts:

Mondays @ 6 pm, There would be 12 days of classes.

Dates TBD


Ending Date:


Final Weigh-In cut off by Noon. Winners will be announced through Facebook Live on the private group, and then contacted directly.


What to Expect:

The Kick-Off Meeting will be hosted through Facebook Live as well as in person at the gym, to allow for social distancing measures.

Your initial weigh-In and final weigh-in must be done on the gym scale with staff witness.

We will distribute the info packet prior to the meeting, so registering early is recommended! Participants can print the packet from home, or refer to it from their device or computer. Printed copies can be given upon request.

Progress weigh-ins can be done in person with a staff witness, or by taking a photo of the weight shown on the scale and emailed/texted to be logged. Progress weigh-ins can also be sent from their home scale by taking a photo and emailing/texting it to be logged. 

First and last weight in for true progress MUST both be done on the gym scale, with staff witness.

Final weigh-in will be done by appointment prior to the cut off time. 

To allow for social distancing, no measurements will be taken this time. 

The final weigh-in must be completed at the gym with the scale and a staff witness before noon on the final day. The Winner Announcement will be done via Facebook Live and then posted on Facebook and Instagram. Winners will be notified directly.

What is included in the info packet?

- Weekly workout plan

- Diet tips sheet

- Program/Challenge Rules (also posted on Facebook page)

- Access to the Facebook group for program updates and moral support

What do I win? 

Cash prizes are given to our winners for Most Percentage of Bodyweight Lost, Most Total Bodyweight Lost, Most Consistent in the Gym. 

Gym credit is given for the top winners for participation points for class participation, weekly challenge participation and submitting weigh-ins over the 12 weeks. 

Registration will open soon and can be done with our front desk staff on site. 

If you have any questions, please contact becky@ironworkshealthclub.com