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Kids Zone is supervised play for children under 12 years of age.

This Add-On Service allows parents time to work out while their children are cared for.  


Kids Zone is open in the mornings, Monday - Friday 8am-1pm,

and in the evenings, Monday - Thursday 4-8pm and Friday 4-7pm.

Kids Zone Usage Agreements are $8.66 per month per family or $5.41 drop-in fee per child per visit. 

To sign up for this service, come by the Front Desk and our Staff can register you and your family. 

For questions about Kids Zone and Plans, please call 936-439-6159

or email

Kids Zone Guidelines & Policies

The following rules and regulations are in place for the safety of all children who enter our facility. If you have any concerns about these guidelines, please contact Management for clarification and/or resolution. 


ALLOWED AGES: 1 month old, to 11 years of age (under 12)

  • 1 month old to 1 year old may attend Kids Zone for 1 hour per day, not per visit.

  • 13 months old to 11 years old may attend Kids Zone for 2 hours per day, not per visit.   

  • 13 months to 5 years old, please check on your child(ren) after the first hour of having been in Kids Zone.


CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT POLICY: For the safety of your child(ren), you MUST check in and out of Kids Zone EVERY TIME through the check-in computer. Two stickers will be printed, one to put on your child and one for you to keep. The sticker must be shown when picking up your child(ren) from Kids Zone. If you do not abide by this policy, your child(ren) will not be able to stay in Kids Zone.   


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must stay on-site while children are in Kids Zone.


Under NO circumstance is your child allowed to leave the Kids Zone once they have been signed in, unless you have personally come in to check them out.  If someone else will be checking them out, they must be listed as a guardian for your family’s Kids Zone agreement and you MUST notify the attendant on duty, and document who will be picking up your child(ren).  - ID WILL BE REQUIRED 


ILLNESS POLICY: Your child(ren) must be free from illness for 24 hours or more before they are allowed in Kids Zone.  Please make sure that your child does not have fever, runny nose, cough, open sores, or any other medical concerns, including head lice, for at least 24 hours before bringing them back to the playroom.  If we believe that your child(ren) should not be in the Kids Zone for any of the following reasons, we reserve the right, for the wellbeing of the other children and our attendants, to ask that your child not attend the facility until all concerns resolve.              


DIAPER CHANGING & BATHROOM USAGE: Iron Works Health Club is not a licensed child care facility.  Should your child(ren) need a diaper change, or help with restrooming, one of the staff will notify you so that the matter can be taken care of promptly. All children must use the playroom restroom while in the care of the Kids Zone attendant.  They may not go to any other restroom unless taken by a parent.  

DRESS CODE POLICY: Children must keep their clothes and shoes on at all times while in Kids Zone. If your child(ren) are also at the facility for swim lessons, make sure to bring clean, dry clothes for before/after their lesson.  


FOOD & DRINK POLICY:  Due to the increased number of children with FOOD ALLERGIES, we ask that you please make sure your child(ren) has/have had a snack prior to entering Kids Zone.  NO FOOD WILL BE PERMITTED. IWHC has a water fountain in Kids Zone should your child need a drink.  You may also bring a water bottle, labeled with your child’s name if you prefer they not use the water fountain. Absolutely NO fruit juice, soda, or anything that may be sticky, should it get spilled.  Closed plastic beverage bottles only.  Babies & Toddlers may have a labeled bottle/sippy cup with milk/formula.               

PERSONAL TOY & DEVICE POLICY: Outside toys are NOT allowed. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Devices (tablet, smart phone, etc.) are permitted, if they are used properly and not shared outside of siblings. Iron Works Health Club will not be held liable for damages or loss of Devices. Iron Works Health Club reserves the right to restrict usage of Devices on a short-term and long-term basis, if used improperly or if they become a disciplinary issue.


DISCIPLINARY POLICY: Absolutely NO running, pushing, shoving, hitting, biting, cussing or jumping/climbing on furniture allowed in the Kids Zone area.  There is a “3 Strikes, You’re Out” disciplinary policy to ensure the safety of all involved. 

  • 1st Violation - TIME OUT


  • 3rd Violation - CHILD WILL BE SUSPENDED FROM KIDS ZONE FOR 1 WEEK.  Parent will be required to have a discussion with management before their child is allowed to return to Kids Zone.     


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