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Frequently Asked Questions...

Below are the main questions asked by prospective members & current members. We hope this helps to answer your questions, but if you need different information, please contact us directly. Thank you!

How can I sign up?

Memberships need to be completed at the gym. We have some plans available online for NEW individual memberships. If you have family members to add, or qualify for a discount, you will need to sign up at the gym with our Front Desk Staff.  

Can I add someone to my membership? 

Yes, you can add a spouse (married or common law) or child(ren) to your account as long as they are a dependent of the primary and living in the same residence (under 22 years of age). If you are currently within your 12-month commitment, adding someone to your account locks them in to that commitment time also, and cannot be removed until the 12 months has passed. 

Are classes included in my membership?

All Group Fitness classes are included in your membership. You do not need to reserve a spot or sign up, however, we ask that you come a few minutes early to get set up and settled. 

What are the pool hours?

The pool is open whenever the gym is open and closing 15 minutes prior to gym closing time. We may close the pool for inclement weather, if there is lightning within 10 miles of the gym, if we cannot see the bottom of the pool, and if there is scheduled maintenance. 

Is the pool heated? 

Yes, during the winter the pool is heated to 70 degrees. We suggest members using the pool during the winter wear triathlon gear if the weather is cold. 

How can I update my billing information or my contact information?

Please make sure to keep your billing information and contact information up to date to avoid any processing fees from membership fees being returned. If you need to update your information, please come by the gym and fill out our "Billing & Information Change Form" with our front desk staff or you can update it online through our Member Portal. Visit the Member Login page to see how. 

If you are needing to update your payment before your billing date, please complete the form 2-3 business days prior to your billing date. 

Can I pay cash for my monthly dues?

Yes, you can, however you would need to come in to pay your dues 2-3 days prior to your billing date to bypass your credit card or bank draft. 

How do I rent a locker?

You can rent a Large Locker for $5/month, Small Locker for $3/month, or use a Day Locker for Free. Rental lockers can be prepaid (minimum 3 months) or added to your monthly billing. All you need to do is fill out the form with our front desk staff and choose a locker number. 

Can my children come with me?

Yes, your children can come with you. Children under 12 years of age can have a membership but facility and machine use may be limited depending on their age. Please reference our Age Limits page for more information. 

Children under 12 years of age can come to the gym and stay in Kids Zone during your workout. 

How can I meet with a trainer?

If you are interested in meeting with a trainer for personal training sessions, come by the gym to fill out a Personal Training Request or email

Do I have to have a membership to do personal training?

Yes, membership is required for personal training so that you have access to the facility machines and equipment outside of your appointment times. 

How can I freeze my membership?

You can freeze your membership by filling out the Freeze Form or emailing members can freeze their account for up to 3 months for any reason. Freezes for longer amounts of time will needs to have a doctor note or explanation letter. 

To freeze your account, there is a Freeze Fee of $10.83 to initiate the freeze, and then your membership dues are reduced to $5.41/month for a single member or $10.83/month for memberships with multiple members.

NOTE: If the primary freezes the account, no one on the account would be able to use the facility during the time the account is frozen. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Membership cancellations must be submitted in writing by coming into the gym to fill out the Cancellation Form, sending an email to, or by submitting your request here. When requesting to cancel, it is a 30-day notice for the cancellation. During that time there may be one more billing.

If you are still within your 12-month commitment, there is a $65 cancellation fee owed. (This can only be waived if you can show proof of residence change 30 miles away or further or having a doctor's note stating that you cannot workout.)

Are you hiring?

We are always accepting applications! If we do not currently have a position open, we still hold applications for if/when we are. When we do open positions for hiring, if you fit the need for the position, we will contact you directly. 

For the most current information on job openings follow us on social media, contact us at 936-439-6159, or email

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