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Membership Cancellation Submission

We are sorry to see you go!


You will be billed during the 30-day notice period (30-Day Prorated Dues from the date this form is returned to IWHC, for all members on the account).  You are allowed to use the club during this 30-day period. 


Cancellation within the initial 12 months of your contract will result in a $65.00 cancellation fee unless you are (1) relocating at least 30 miles away from Iron Works Health Club. Primary Member must provide proof of new residence such as a lease/utility bill at the time of completing this form (2) If you have incurred a medical disability (Doctor's letter identifying that you can no longer use your membership is required) or (3) if you have a No Contract Membership. 


Initiation fees are non-refundable.  Cancellations are NEVER accepted over the phone.  Information provided by the front desk attendant may not include complete information; Management will contact the Primary Member by email or phone to provide final details of Members last payment.

Please fill out all required fields below and a member of IWHC Management will contact you directly about next steps.

Thank you!

Cancellation Request

Add upload option, but must upgrade in order to do that. 

Thanks for submitting!

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